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The "Storm" - Part 3


I was in the living room of a house watching T.V. when a noise I heard from outside got my attention. When I went to investigate, I found that a tree had been uprooted and thrown against the house by the wind. It did very little damage but could have, as it was quite large. As I crossed the street to see if any other damage had occurred, I could see that the entire neighborhood was being "rained" upon by trees being uprooted and dropped by the wind. Some of the houses were being crushed as the trees fell on the roofs. As I looked toward the sky, I noticed clouds passing by in different directions at different levels, which I thought to be odd, since clouds in a storm normally blow in the direction of the wind. The clouds were different shapes and sizes, and various blends of white and grey. In the background I saw dark skies and heard rumblings of thunder.


This is the third type of this dream I've had in the last year. I had this dream a few months back, but didn't feel ready to release it until today. In this dream, as in the other two, the "storm" is of God and is being used by His purposes to "shake" some areas of our lives. Analyzing this dream with the other two, I noticed a pattern taking place. The first dream dealt with FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS. The second dealt with SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS. This deals with NATURAL RELATIONSHIPS. "Natural" in this case meaning relationships we have with people around us at work, neighborhood, school ,etc that do not fall into one of the two mentioned above. This is the area in which God will be working.

As I mentioned in other posts and in my "impressions" article, the Lord wants to put many things in order for us this year. The "pattern" will move from "family" to "spirtual" (church or other spiritual ties) to "natural" relationships. Any relationship that does not strengthen our walk with God will slowly end or be strained severely. As some would say, God is correcting all "vertical" and "horizontal" relationships in all areas of our lives. The "storm" can have many meanings and applications, but the handiwork is still the same. God is responsible for the "shaking" and "corrections" in our lives. There are no "set" answers here as we are individuals and His children. Let me leave you with this imagery.

Our Heavenly Father (Daddy) is looking to correct some improper behavior in His children (us) and if he has to take away a toy (vices and bad habits), money (job) , bad influences (friends) or any other thing to correct the behavior, He will! Just as a parent disciplines their child out of love to see them become a good and responsible adult, the Lord has the same intention toward us. There is some other imagery (homes, cross winds, etc.) here that I chose not to deal with to conserve space. The full context and interpretation of the dream will be in the next "paper" issue of the newsletter.

God Bless.


Willie Jefferson, 4/16/97

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