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The "Storm" Part II

Some time ago I had another "Storm" dream, the contents are displayed below. (See "Storm" article for 1st dream).

I remember being in a large house watching the news about a storm approaching our area. (I'm not sure what city I was in, but it was "north" of where I presently live - Charlotte, NC). I was there to attend a church gathering, sort of like a picnic. Most of the women were inside preparing food and talking and the men were outside playing touch-football. The children were also outside playing and a few other women were watching the activity on the porch area. The house was sort of a large, southern type with 2 stories, a basement/cellar area and a large "porch" that went around the entire 1st floor outside.

What alarmed me about the report was that the weatherman said it was one of the largest storms he had ever seen and that this storm had enormous destructive power. The size of the storm easily covered a large city. After the report, I got up to go outside to tell everyone that the storm was headed in our direction and that we should prepare.

The men laughed at my panic, but most of the women listened and started going inside to make preparations. I sat down in front of the T.V. again and started to think of what needed to be done. I overheard some of the women in the kitchen talking about what they could do and I started down the hallway to talk with them. They appeared concerned and wanted to know what to do. I suggested they prepare some food, bottled water, things you would do for a hurricane or tornado, anticipating power outages, lack of water, restricted transportation, etc. After naming a couple of things, they said they "knew what to do" and told me not to worry about it. I got an immediate sense that they had this under control and proceeded to "get out of their way" as they worked and made all the preparations.

As I proceeded to leave the kitchen, I looked out the window to notice the "old folks" under a large shade tree in the yard (it was a typical summer day). They had heard me talk about the storm and had been listening to my conversation with the women in the kitchen, but seemed "at peace" with the entire situation. They continued to sit under the tree, rock in their chairs and fan themselves, but paid acute attention to all that was going on. I remember looking at one of the older men, who happened to be standing up, fanning himself and smiling, as if to say "we know what's going on and everything is under control, we've been through this many times before". I felt reassured that I was doing the right thing and that the "old folks" were with me, but was very irritated that none of the younger men were listening to me. I wasn't too worried about the children outside - they had mothers there!

The storm was moving slowly and traveled down the Interstate (it was moving South) to each city. I thought it was odd that a storm would only move down the Interstate, but this is how it traveled. It seemed to move from city to city, but only touched those cities that were on the Interstate highway system. I started to worry about Charlotte (I wasn't there in the dream) because it was in the path of the storm and it also sits between two major Interstate routes, I-77 going North-South and I-85 going East-West.

After this I woke up.

This is my interpretation of the dream. If you have any comments or other insight, let us know!


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