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Here are some of our favorite links, places we've visited and people who have some interesting things to say. We can't vouch for everything you'll read, but you should enjoy most of what you'll see. So, if you don't like something, tell the author - not us!


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Christian Media

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

Strang Communications (Charisma Magazine

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

Prophetic Ministries

Bible Prophecy Corner
Christian International
Elijah House International 
Jack Van Impe Ministries
Morningstar Publications and Ministries
New Zealand Revival Bulletin
Pam Clark Prophetic Ministries
Prophecy Truths

Research Resources and General Information

Gospel Communications Network
KJV Bible On-line
Personal Study Tools




Cornerstone Church - DeFuniak Springs, FL
Lionheart Ministries of Blackfoot, ID
Rise Up Christian Fellowship - Carmel, NY
Living Word Christian Fellowship - Richmond, IN
Living Waters Ministries Fountain of Youth

Other Ministries and Sites

Across Pacific and Asia
Christian Underground Journal
Cornerstone Family Ministries
Crossroads Newsletter
Elijah Fellowship International
Fires of Revival
Global Resource Ministries
Hebraic Heritage Ministries International
In the Beginning
Mandate Ministries
Ministry of Miracles
Myrtle Ministries
Raymond Aguilera
Word of Truth Ministry
World Christianship Ministries

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