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The previous issues listed contain articles taken from our free newsletter, Elijah's Mantle, which is published and distributed periodically. You can also read our most recent articles, some of which will be released in the next issue.  Each publication is a collection from various contributing Christian writers, most of whom are unknown to the Body of Christ at large, but serve in some capacity in their local communities. All issues include what we believe are fresh and timely Words from the Lord. Consequently, there is no time schedule we adhere to for releasing new ones.

We maintain an electronic (e-mail) and postal (snail-mail) list. Members of our "e-mail" group receive special notices, notification of just released articles, and messages which we feel may be urgent. Members of our "snail-mail" group receive hard copies of the Newsletter, more in-depth articles and special messages not included on-line.

If you'd like to receive a free subscription, please drop us a line at "newsletter@ministries.com", and give us your name, address and e-mail address. We'll send you the next issue and put you on both our electronic and postal mailing lists, which we value and keep confidential! If you want to be added to the "e-mail" list only, please state so in your correspondence.



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America Under Attack (Special Prophetic Bulletins by Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries)


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"Recognizing the Footprints of the Enemy - Part I"






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