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Impressions for 1997

I wanted to share a few impressions I've had over the last few months regarding the coming year.

1. More Intimacy:

1997 will require more time with the Lord. I've found it increasingly difficult to carve out daily time to pray or even read the word. Some of it is me and some of it is the enemy; a resistance there to keep me from spending time.

The book of Daniel speaks of the enemy "wearing out the saints". I've found this true as I get "busier" and lack energy at times.

"Those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength"

2. Increasing Unrest:

I don't think this will be in the areas that one would normally assume. The Lord is dealing with "relationships" and the "unrest" will affect people in this area. I think we will find more "false" relationships failing and more "true" relationship growing as we get closer to the Lord.

I've recently heard of two young families separating and planning to divorce, an attempted suicide related to this, another family fighting MS and Cancer, another depression, another joblessness and so on. 1997 may bring more troubling times than we want, but more specifically in the area of relationships.

3. Judgement in the House of God:

The Word says that before judgement comes to the world it must start with the house of God first. However, "judgement" here is not pure punishment, but more of a statement of truth, a "rightly dividing" if you know what I mean.

Judgement to God is making a true determination about a matter, to separate the sheep and goats, not so much as a punishment or reward for sin. In this vein, we will see more "judgement" from God in our families, relationships and in the church. He wants to set things right.

Churches will be "pruned" and the things not bearing fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire.

4. Attacks on children:

The enemy wants our kids to pervert the next generation. The greatest work and greatest attacks that are coming and are presently being waged against our children are in all segments of society. Pray for the children and against the forces set out to destroy them.

5. Preparation:

God wants to do more of a "completing" work in us to prepare for what is ahead. Many of you (me too!) have been "under construction" for awhile. Perhaps the foundation has been laid and the structure will come together as we submit to His will this upcoming year.

6. Release of Power:

I think the Lord will also increase the level of His power available to the church in the upcoming year, based on our ability to handle it in wisdom. The power will be in areas to transform lives and free people from bondage, not so much in the working of miracles for the sake of show.


These are just impressions that I've received and noticed recently. Please do not take these dogmatically or be bound by it. My walk may be completely different that yours.

If these are areas that the Lord is speaking to you about, then great!

God Bless,


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