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More Impressions for 1997

While praying for some wisdom regarding the upcoming year last night, I felt the Spirit of God emphasizing the relationship between 1995, 1996 and 1997 and how it may apply to our lives.

Many times, as prophetic people. we live out in the natural things that will happen or are happening in the spiritual. This is not restricted to people with prophetic callings, but often is the case. I know it's that way with me. However, the entire church, the living Body of Christ is called to be prophetic, in that it bears witness of Him who died for us, "for the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy".

Here's what I received:

1. 1995 was a "base" year:

The Lord used this year to set some things in order in our personal lives. 1995 could have been one of the most turbulent and troublesome year in recent memory. The Lord was "sifting" and shaking loose anything that could and would bind or inhibit us in the future. What may have seen like a painful experience in the natural was really more a "setting straight" and placing us on the proper path.

2. 1996 set the foundation:

For those walking in the Lord's will or at least submitted unto Him, the foundation of your work is being set in concrete this year. You may not have any idea of what you are called to do, but you soon will. 1996 was the year to set things in place to build upon. The building starts in 1997. No house can stand unless the foundation is sure. If you have been obedient and yielding to the voice of God, then He has set the foundation and will start construction on His habitation.

3. 1997 will see growth:

The things that are strong will grow and prosper, the things that are weak will die. The Lord desires to take up residence in His habitation and will use the upcoming year to complete the construction and move in. By habitation, I mean us. God no longer dwells between walls, but is alive in our hearts. He has been preparing His house (us) for His Holy habitation and will move in and stay. For many of us, this is what we have been waiting for. For some, it will knock your buttons off.

I really believe the Lord wants to "dwell" with us in 1997, far beyond anything we have ever known before. If you've been listening to what the Spirit has been saying, this will not take you by surprise. He will "dwell" in direct proportion to how much we "yield", and there seems no limit to what He wants to do in relationship to the measure of grace given to each of us.

I hope this ministers to you. I'd be interested in any comments or insights you may have.


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